Innohome Stove Guard (SGK510)


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This Innohome’s Stove Guard includes an Intelligent Heat Sensor that is attached above the cooker and a Control Unit that cuts off the cooker power supply. It reacts to cooker hob fire risk indicators earlier than any other cooker safety device, helping to dramatically reduce the number of accidental house fires.

  • All-round protection that exceeds the requirement of the new EN 50615 Stove Guard standard and fulfills the requirements for all types of installations (cooker hood, wall, ceiling).
  • Includes two types of heat sensors with unique learning function. Measures excessive temperatures, rate of temperature change and ambient temperature. Highly developed temperature data analysis.
  • Works silently in the background and can also be used easily by special user groups such as the elderly and people with mobility and hearing difficulties
  • Heat Sensor removal prevents cooker use
  • Automatic fault diagnosis – no monthly testing
  • Compatible with most carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Turns the cooker off in case of excessive fumes or carbon monoxide production.